Hi, I'm Thomas! I'm a 4th year undergraduate at Yale, majoring in computer science. I spent from January through August of 2022 full time as the first employee of the Center for AI Safety. The previous summer, I interned at the Center for Human-Compatible AI at UC Berkeley. In the past, I have done machine learning research and engineering at Kiva, NASA Earth Exchange, and UnifyID. I am a leader of Yale Effective Altruism. In my free time, I like to go on hikes and grow vegetables outside my window. I am also a big promotor of beets.

This site is meant to serve as a place for me to put unfinished thoughts and ideas and possibly a few polished things eventually. I do not really mantain it very well. You can assume that everything is my own unfinished opinion and that it could easily have mistakes. At times I may try to summarize or explain the views of others; if I misrepresent something, that is my error alone. You can read more about this site here.

I am easy to reach at thomas d0t woodside @t yale.edu. Feel free to schedule a meeting on my calendly.