Thanks for coming to this site! I plan to put preliminary thoughts and ideas here, before they go somewhere more fully fleshed out. I'm not yet totally sure how much I'll write, or what I'll write about, but my goal is to make everything I write a good learning experience for me, and readable for you. Once I write more, I will come back and update this page with more information. You can read more about me here.

This site is self-hosted on Ghost, an open source blogging/website platform. It sits behind Cloudflare for some protection for my self-administered server. The theme is slightly-modified from Caffeine Theme. This is my first time using it, so let me know what you think!

I took out all the fonts, libraries, analytics, share buttons, etc. that track you all around the internet. If you have software that blocks cross-site trackers, you should see that this site has none, which is hopefully refreshing. With self-hosted Ackee, I do track the number of pageviews per page, and where you were referred from; but I don't track your user agent, OS, etc.