I really love to grow vegetables; not only do I enjoy the act of gardening, but it's fun to eat what I grow afterwards! In the past, I've grown carrots, peas, potatoes, raspberries, watermelons, blueberries, and beets. Where I'm from in California, almost anything will grow the whole year long with enough water.

In New Haven, plant growing is much more limited. For one, I live in an apartment that doesn't have any kind of yard where I could grow plants. However, my room does have a very small platform outside the window, so I decided to buy a 2x2 feet container to grow plants in and put it out there. This being New Haven, not too much grows starting as early as March. I also wanted to make sure that they would be ready before I go home in May. As it turned out, beets were the perfect plant for this!

My beets after a heavy rain

It has become a tradition in our house to have (store bought) beets for dinner every Thursday. Beets go well with as sides with a surprising number of main dishes. Usually, I just roast the beets in some oil in the oven. I can't wait to do this with beets from the garden!

The other day, I was surprised to learn that there isn't an emoji for beets. There are so many emojis that it seems strange that beets aren't included. Because of this, I went down a bit of a rabbithole, and discovered some surprising facts about how, exactly, emojis are produced.

Emoji proposals must follow a very specific format laid out by the Unicode Consortium. Requests will only be approved if the reviewers think that the emoji would have wide usage (in the millions, daily). The proposal must attempt to establish wide applicability of the emoji. I was sad to learn that emoji proposals must not make any reference to puns (likely because emojis are international), but I think there are many great usages of a potential beet emoji.

I pulled together a proposal, with help from a friend who is much more artistically skilled than I. You can see the final proposal here.